December 3, 2018

New Investment at Hackett Digital

Hackett Digital on Lower Baggot Street, Dublin have recently invested in a new Konica Minolta AccurioPress C3080.  Thanks to their new printer,a  quicker turnaround and an expanded offering means an overall better service to customers.  “Our clients’ requirements were changing; we were being asked to produce longer and over-sized sheets.  We couldn’t service that market with our existing machine, we were having to print single side and then flip it so it was a very time consuming, manual process” said Colm Eglinton, Reprographics Manager at Hackett Digital.

One of the features of the new machine is its ability to take longer sheets and duplex them automatically.  “That helped to reduce turnaround time dramatically.  The printer is running really well for us.  Colour accuracy and reliability is fantastic and the service i received from MJ Flood was, as always, excellent.”



With Konica Minolta Color Care, Konica Minolta offers an efficient application package to define, achieve and maintain product-specific quality standards for any AccurioPress model. The Konica Minolta Color Care software modules can also be accompanied by professional service offerings, precise calibration and regular maintenance for colour production printing environments.

Key Features

– Clearly defined quality standard
– Promises superior and highly consistent print quality
– Follows market-determined principles of quality control
– Guarantees authentic colour reproduction

The Konica Minolta Color Care workflow

To learn more contact Phil on 086 171 4421 or email [email protected]

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