February 15, 2016

Goodbye Google Search Appliance (GSA). And hello DokoniFIND.

DokoniFIND set to expand footprint with Google’s reported retirement of Google Search Appliance

MJ Flood, sole Irish partners for DokoniFIND in Ireland – the universal index and search solution – are seeing new potential to expand its enterprise eDiscovery solution DokoniFIND into more enterprise customer sites with last week’s report by Fortune Magazine of Google’s planned retirement of Google Search Appliance (GSA). Last week reseller and consulting partners were told they can sell one-year license renewals but not new hardware. It’s understood too, that renewals will end in 2018.

Google’s surprise announcement

This announcement is seen as a surprise move by Google and if progressed, will potentially have a positive impact for MJ Flood who have been selling DokoniFIND into its existing customer base. MJ Flood have seen increased requirements by their customers for a universal search solution that searches all incumbent IT systems – email, shared folders, Sharepoint, ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems.

Active Directory Support

Each single search by phrase, content, number, unique ID or scanned image is supported by Active Directory and ensures all existing company security credentials are fully supported.

DokoniFIND finds it – no matter where it’s located

Key to DokoniFIND’s benefits are its easy implementation, quick user adoption and imwp-content/uploadste indexing of existing and legacy data – no matter where it’s located. MJ Flood customers are using DokoniFIND for more than simple searching. By implementing DokoniFIND users can quickly identify Conflict of Interest, Benchmarking of customers against historical engagement trends, Internal Company Documentation dissemination, support for Freedom of Information requests and accessing lost Intellectual Property by Former Employees.

DokoniFIND is available solely from MJ Flood’s Head Office and through its 8 branch offices.

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