YSoft SafeQ

Modular suite of intelligent and cutting-edge enterprise print, copy and scan management technology.
YSoft SafeQ helps Fortune 1,000 and SMBs build smart business by reducing costs, enhancing document security,
increasing workflow productivity and positively contributing to sustainability and environmental goals.


Cost Reduction

An end to printed paper that nobody ever picks up! Case studies have shown that due to YSoft SafeQ, companies or organizations reduce their printing costs by an average of 30% in just a few months. Approximately that many print jobs are sent for printing unnecessarily. Additionally, your administrator can easily set up a number of print rules - for example, defining which employees may print only in black and white and double sided.

Increased Workflow Efficiency

Printing, copying and scanning will become much easier and faster for employees thanks to optimization of the printing environment in your company. Just send a document to print and then go to the nearest printer and authorize yourself. It is also possible to assign billing codes easily to each print and copy and reliably record costs relating to specific projects or clients.

Data Security

Thanks to YSoft SafeQ, even your most sensitive data are safe. A job sent to a printer is printed when an employee authorizes themselves at the printer using their chip card or PIN and password. The same is for copying and scanning, multifunction printers unlock only after a particular user’s authorization. So even in offices, machines can freely stand in corridors without the risk of being misused.

Protecting the Environment

Reducing the volume of printing brings even more positive effects – a lower consumption of paper, toner and electricity. The fact that your company thinks ecologically can be easily documented using special Green reports showing the saving of energy, water and the number of trees thanks to using YSoft SafeQ.

YSoft SafeQ – About the Product

Do you want to have full control over all printing, scanning and copying in your company or organization? The YSoft SafeQ smart solution allows you to optimize your entire printing environment and to centralize its management.

Its robust system, with a broad set of features, also brings you the possibility to control access to multi-function printers, print-based rules, mobile printing, print roaming, credit charging, detailed reporting, and much more.

When choosing YSoft SafeQ, you also can look forward to:

  • significant financial savings
  • streamlining your work within its printing environment
  • higher security for your data
  • saving natural resources


The YSoft SafeQ unique printing solution saves time and money in all areas of business and state administration: in small local companies and large global corporations, offices, medical facilities and educational institutions.

YSoft SafeQ is a workflow solution platform. Today, the platform pillars include print management and document capture.
The platform integrates print management and advanced document capture for your managed print services (MPS) and significantly automates workflows, increases document security and improves productivity.

Thanks to its undisputed benefits, reliable customer support and proven fast return on investment (ROI), YSoft SafeQ already features in 8000 organizations in over 100 countries worldwide.

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How does the system work?

The YSoft SafeQ server is at the heart of the whole system, where each job is immediately directed for sending to print. The YSoft SafeQ server verifies the access rights and rules for printing set for the current user, and the job received is either released to print in its original form, adjusted before printing in accordance with the rules (such as forced duplex, black-and-white print) or rejected completely.

YSoft SafeQ server also stores information about the whole network’s print, copy and scan jobs. Thanks to this, you have an accurate online accounting and reporting system adjustable to your needs.

Hardware or integrated terminals, which can be fitted with a card reader, allow you to control the access to print jobs on the output side. This sophisticated and user-friendly authorization method prevents the abuse of printers. This means they can then be safely placed in the corridors of your building. Users can additionally manage and assign billing codes to their printing jobs at the terminals.

The Newest Version

The newest version of YSoft SafeQ 6.0 was launched in 2017. It contains several brand new features and many enhancements to the original ones. Among the key new features are:

YSoft Payment System

This is a key requirement for schools, universities, libraries and other institutions that want to give access to print services to a wider range of users. Each user has their own credit account that can be used for printing, copying or scanning. The Payment System allows users to recharge their accounts easily as needed.

New browser-based embedded terminal

Faster response, a modern design and an intuitive user-friendly interface. This new generation of integrated terminals makes multi-functional devices significantly easier and more pleasant to use for users working with terminals on a daily basis.

Mobile Print Server

An even greater freedom of printing is awaiting you thanks to the elimination of dependence on Microsoft Office and LibreOffice. Now you can easily print anytime, anywhere – you just have to pick up your printed documents at the printer.

Managements reports

Get a complete overview of the use of your company’s printing environment with one click. You can find immediately all necessary information in these clear and visually attractive reports; whether it is the specific use of each multifunctional device, an overview of the five most active users, or the costs for each department. New management reports can be tailored specifically to the needs of senior executives.

High performance ORS

One ORS (Offline Remote Spooler) can now support up to 200 printers – four times more than the previous version of YSoft SafeQ. Limitations related to private clouds have also been removed. You can now use all the advanced features of the YSoft SafeQ system, even in a very complex print architecture.

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