Environmental Information

As your office supplies provider we recognise the requirement to adopt practices which enable you to source products which are manufactured by methods which are less harmful to the world’s resources.

To help you to make informed decisions regarding the products you purchase we have used two symbols throughout our catalogue to enable you to recognise those products which are deemed to be less harmful to the environment or are produced in accordance with Fairtrade.

Green dot


This logo indicates that an element of the material used to produce the product is recycled. The minimum percentage of recycled content is shown within the logo specified by the manufacturer for each product.

Green World

The Green World logo is a non-accreditation logo. The Green World logo is used on this catalogue to identify those products which are less harmful to the world’s resources or are fair trade.



MJ Flood Ireland is committed to helping companies reduce their carbon footprint by programming the print environment in an eco-friendly way.

Simple configuration changes such as enforced double-sided printing has helped our customers to drastically reduce their consumption of paper products.

In addition, all of our printing devices are “best in class” for energy efficiency. This is achieved by using ultra-fine toner which requires a lower fusing temperature and which delivers superior print quality. The cost savings can be as high as 60% when compared to competitive offerings.