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Secure Printing with Managed Print Services

Secure printing environment at MJ Flood


>> Safety Always Comes First

In every company, employees manage vast amounts of information every day – much of which will be confidential, especially in the era of GDPR. Documents, personal data, addresses, budgets, plans, mock-ups and countless other resources are printed, copied and scanned with every passing hour at commercial organisations of every shape and size, and without reliable security, they run a high risk of such sensitive data falling into unauthorised hands.


The consequences of this – with future plans and mock-ups copied and distributed to competitor companies, personal data sold, and budgets revealed – could potentially be disastrous. MJ Flood try to create a secure environment for this information to eliminate any sharing of private information.

>> bizhub SECURE – Smart Security to Keep Your Business Safe

In recent years/months, data breaches have become a serious issue for many businesses, with widespread media coverage of data theft and hacking causing damage to various companies’ finances and reputations globally.

At MJ Flood, we know that protecting your data is key to your business. That is why our Konica Minolta bizhub multifunctional devices embed the highest level of security, and with bizhub SECURE, MJ Flood can provide you with an extra layer of comprehensive protection, ensuring that your data stays yours, without interrupting the flow of data in your office.

DATA – Your Most Valuable and Vulnerable Business Assets

The bizhub SECURE service can be activated on any Konica Minolta bizhub multifunctional device, either on-premises or prior to delivery, so no matter the size of your business, you can operate with confidence. Once bizhub SECURE safeguards are in place, you can be sure your print data will enjoy uncompromising security protection.

Your bizhub multifunctional device and its hard drive (HDD, SSD or Micro-SD) will be protected to ensure your data is more than just secure – they’ll be bizhub SECURE!

What is Covered?

bizhub SECURE protects any information on your MFP’s internal hard drive, keeping any data, documents and information absolutely secure.

>> Prevent Damage to Finances & Reputation

Data security is one of the most important aspects of running a successful and reliable business today. One or two tiny chinks in your company’s security “armour” can lead to confidential data being exposed, and your reputation in the industry being ruined. MJ Flood can provide you with secure Konica Minolta devices guaranteed not to let you down, and a range of highly reliable, standard solutions. Security breach detection and prevention help companies prevent damage to their finances and reputation at both the corporate and individual levels.

Most Konica Minolta devices are equipped with HDD and super-reliable central memory safety mechanisms, ensuring confidential data and other sensitive corporate information is always protected . Konica Minolta provides the highest level of security, with ISO 15408 Common Criteria Certification.

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Explore the countless different ways in which MJ Flood’s managed print software products could improve your operations. MJ Flood solves the problems of your company, matches different working styles, and offers software solutions meeting the needs of your industry. By prioritising your needs at all times, MJ Flood meets the software requirements of even the most demanding global organisations. Using one of our systems, you can keep a lid on the cost of any printed or copied output, create advanced security measures to ensure sensitive documents don’t fall into unauthorised hands, and more.


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