Who can benefit from using AIRe Link?

AIRe Link helped solve 60%¹ of end-user issues remotely.

Service technicians have confirmed numerous times they like the application, especially due to its ease of use.

End users are open to use AIRe Link and are impressed with the innovative solution to help solve their problems.

¹ Customer feedback summary from 2,000 AIRe Link sessions.



Call Centre / Technical Support

See what our customers see

AIRe Link shows us exactly what the customers see, leading to improved communication and faster problem resolution.

Field Service Engineer

Minimize unnecessary on-site visits

With AIRe Link, MJ Flood can remotely see the customer issue, and clearly guide them to a first-time fix, or obtain on site ready to fix information.

Head of Service

Decrease cost and increase satisfaction

AIRe Link will enable our team to improve the rate of first-time fixes remotely, whilst ensuring we meet customer expectations and exceed service level agreements.

Machine Operator

Eliminate stress and increase production

Use AIRe Link to resolve the issue remotely or to share all details with the service technician before their visit, so you get the production up and running, faster.

AIRe Link Features

AIRe Link is a cloud solution, with no-app installation for the service team or on the end-user side. To run an AIRe Link session, both parties need to be connected to the internet and use modern browsers on their devices. While the end user is in most cases already holding a smartphone in their hand when calling for assistance, the visual support session can be established within a few seconds.


AIRe Link  No initial investment. Run on a smartphone or tablet.

AIRe Link No app needed. Just a WebRTC compatible browser.

AIRe Link One click to start the remote assistance session.

Stable and secure. Scalable to handle any load.


Technical Requirements

AIRe Link Assistant and client must be connected to the internet.

AIRe Link  Connection over mobile network (3G, 4G, LTE) is possible.

AIRe Link  Average data consumption 20MB/minute.

AIRe Link  Average bandwidth for 1280 x 720 video is 300KB/s.

AIRe Link Automated quality adjustment based on internet connectivity.

AIRe Link Tools

AIRe Link  Session Recording

AIRe Link Live Pointer

AIRe Link Desktop Sharing

AIRe Link Realtime Drawing

AIRe Link Snapshot

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