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There’s only one world & we know it takes a great deal of effort to keep it an eco-friendly place.

Committed to the Future of the Earth

Our survival tomorrow depends on how we care for the environment today. We work according to principles aiming at the greatest possible harmony between ecology and technology: We not only strive to provide our customers with useful products and services, but also to minimise their environmental impact, while maximising their economic value.

As Ireland’s largest indigenous supplier of Manged Print Services, Digital Technology and Security Systems, it is impossible for us to ignore the impact that technology has on the planet. We acknowledge that it is our responsibility to do our part to tackle climate change. Here at MJ Flood, we are making a conscious effort to help create a more sustainable world.


We are committed to sustainability – for our customers’ business success, for society, and for future generations.


Printing & Imaging

Eco Friendly Printing:

All our printing devices are “best in class” for energy efficiency. This is achieved by using ultra-fine toner which requires a lower fusing temperature that delivers superior print quality. The cost savings can be as high as 60% when compared to competitive offerings.  Our Konica Minolta office products can implement a range of features which come into play by helping to save paper, increase productivity and reduce printing costs.  It not only improves the efficiency of the printing and copying environment but also reduces its environmental impact.

Sustainable Printing seems like an Oxymoron

Printing, by definition, requires resources that aren’t traditionally environmentally friendly.
Despite many business owners’ best intentions, the paperless office never really eventuated. While we’ve certainly reduced the amount of paper we use in the workplace, printing remains an unavoidable part of doing business.
If you’re looking to minimise your environmental impact, you may worry about the cost of printing from energy usage to paper and ink usage. Sustainable printing and paper is possible.

How to achieve sustainable Eco-Friendly Printing

There are three key steps you can take to achieve sustainable Eco-Friendly printing:

1. Choose recycled paper.

2. Select a printer with strong environmental credentials.

3. Implement strong print governance and culture around sustainable printing.


MJ Flood’s Managed Print Services puts focus on:

  • Forcing double sided print to save paper
  • Reduce waste print with PIN or ID Card authentication
  • Automatic purging of uncollected prints
  • Remove blank pages from prints
  • Pre-printed letterhead digital templates
  • Define times when printers will sleep to save energy
  • SafeQ Green Report shows waste print information



Green Functionalities from Konica Minolta

  • Energy saving design
  • Recyclable design and components
  • Compact and lightweight construction with extended product life

All consumables used by Konica Minolta devices are suitable for recycling by our clients for WEEE recycling. Certificates for all bizhub devices:- Blue Angel, Energy Star, ISO 14001, ROHS


MJ Flood holds WEEE certificates for hardware & batteries and a REPAK certificate for plastics and other recyclables.

  Repak Business Funding Recycling

Konica Minolta is committed to contributing to the protection of the global environment in whichever way possible. One essential aspect is the reduction of CO2 emissions as the main cause for global warming.

Combating climate change is one of the biggest challenges our global society faces this century. It is a challenge Konica Minolta is taking on with a wide range of countermeasures – avoiding, reducing and compensating CO2 emissions.

Using recycled plastics in multifunctional devices

For MFP products launched from 2016, the use of recycled materials has increased to about 35% for total resin content by weight in the MFP main body, or about 88% by surface area ratio.


MJ Flood Ireland follows the Konica Minolta Optimized Print Services (OPS) strategy of sustainability and environmental management.

Konica Minolta, a leading manufacturer of printing technologies, sees the protection of the environment as an essential part of its corporate management philosophy summed up in its Eco Vision 2050.

Online Catalogue 2021

As your office supplies provider we recognise the requirement to adopt practices which enable you to source products which are manufactured by methods which are less harmful to the World’s resources.

To help you to make informed decisions regarding the products you purchase we have used three symbols throughout our catalogue to enable you to recognise those products which are deemed to be less harmful to the environment.

Recycled Content
This mobius loop logo indicates that an element of the material contained within the product is recycled. We display the percentage of recycled material within the logo where it is 60% or higher.

Eco Friendly
The Eco Friendly logo is a non-accredited logo that is used within this catalogue to identify products which are less harmful to the World’s resources and comply with one or more of the following standards:

Nordic Swan | Blue Angel | EU Eco-Label | Energy Star | Rainforest Alliance


The Fairtrade Mark is an important step towards a fairer deal for producers in developing countries. The Fairtrade Mark guarantees producers a price that covers production, allows for investment in the community and creates a more sustainable way of life.

Repak Certificate

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WEEE Certificate

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The Producer Register Certificate

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