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Education Sector

MJ Flood recognises the distinct challenges faced by schools and universities in today’s landscape. With the sector seeking cost-saving measures without compromising on technology, there is a growing reliance on us to address their printing and document management requirements. Through our managed print services and document management services, we provide tailored solutions that enable educational institutions to efficiently manage their printing needs while staying up to date with the latest technologies.

Education relies on fast reliable printers

MJ Flood is renowned for its award-winning devices, which are highly regarded for their reliability and high-speed printing capabilities. With the increasing integration of printers in classrooms, teachers are now leveraging colour printing and scanning to enhance the learning experience.

To cater to the unique needs of the education sector, MJ Flood offers a diverse range of colour and black & white multifunctional devices. These devices are specifically designed to meet the requirements of educational institutions.

The devices deliver fast and high-quality printing, with speeds of up to 75 pages per minute in colour and 95 pages per minute in black & white. This ensures that schools can distribute last-minute notes and materials promptly, without any delays.

In addition to speed, MJ Flood’s devices come with professional finishing features such as binding and folding. These features prove invaluable for schools and universities aiming to produce their own course notes and promotional brochures, saving both time and money.

MJ Flood understands the importance of secure printing in educational facilities. As a result, they have developed multiple solutions for contactless secure printing, ensuring that sensitive documents are safeguarded and accessible only to authorised individuals.

With MJ Flood’s comprehensive range of devices and solutions, the education sector can rely on their expertise to fulfil their printing needs effectively and efficiently.

Cost management solutions keep costs under control

  • MJ Flood offers cost management solutions that identify inefficiencies, track print costs, and allocate them to staff or departments as needed.
  • Web-based budget and tracking solutions enhance administrative productivity and accountability.
  • Automated toner re-ordering, electronic meter readings, and preventive maintenance calls alleviate administrative burden, enabling focus on more important tasks.
  • Swipe cards or PIN codes enhance document security and reduce paper wastage by requiring users to release print jobs at the printer.
  • Printing restrictions can be implemented to control student and staff printing, including print quotas and limitations on colour printing.
Unlock efficiency with effective pay-for-print solutions

Effective pay-for-print solutions

MJ Flood offers management solutions designed to help organisations save money through device optimisation, reduce paper usage, and pay-for-print implementations. These solutions enable businesses to streamline their printing operations.

With the increasing sophistication of pay-for-print technology, educational institutions have an opportunity to regain control over their printing costs and improve operational efficiency. By effectively implementing these solutions, schools can manage expenses, promote responsible printing behavior, and streamline processes.

Safeguarding confidential information

Educational institutions have a crucial responsibility to protect private and sensitive data, such as student records. MJ Flood can implement various security measures to ensure that documents cannot be printed, copied, or scanned without appropriate authentication. Certain users can be restricted from accessing specific files, ensuring data confidentiality.


Enhancing productivity and efficiency through scanning technology

MJ Flood understands that teachers and lecturers have tasks that extend beyond the classroom, including marking papers and preparing course materials. To assist with these additional responsibilities, MJ Flood provides sophisticated solutions that help manage their workload effectively.

  • Optical character recognition (OCR) : By utilising OCR technology, student reports can be scanned and sorted automatically. The results can be seamlessly integrated into any Document Management System (DMS), simplifying administrative processes.
  • Electronic Data Management (EDM) : MJ Flood offers Electronic Data Management solutions to streamline administrative tasks in schools and educational institutions. This includes digitised filing and archiving, which not only saves office space but also enhances efficiency by enabling easy retrieval and management of documents.

Professional service from a trusted brand

IT support can often be a challenge for the education sector, as schools and universities require reliable assistance to manage their printing environment efficiently. At MJ Flood, we understand this need, which is why we offer managed print services specifically tailored to the education sector. Our dedicated team of Print Consultants conducts audits and assessments of the printing environment in educational institutions. By leveraging their expertise, we identify areas where cost savings can be achieved. Our trusted brand and professional services ensure that schools and universities receive the support they need to optimise their printing infrastructure and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Sustainable Managed Print Services, Discover eco-friendly solutions and maximize your efficiency today.

Sustainable Printing

At MJ Flood, we recognise the immense influence that paper consumption has on forests and carbon emissions, particularly in educational institutions such as schools and colleges. In order to tackle this issue, we have established a valuable collaboration with PrintReleaf, a cutting-edge platform designed to assess the environmental impact of paper usage and offer sustainable print solutions. With the help of PrintReleaf, we can thoroughly analyse the ecological consequences associated with our clients’ printing practices, precisely measuring their effects on forests and carbon emissions.

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