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Managed Print Services

MJ Flood’s end-to-end Managed Print Services (MPS) solution provides overall fleet management of your networked and local print devices to help you control their operating costs and improve their operations.

Reduce printing costs, free up capital and eliminate the burden that comes with supporting and maintaining your printing infrastructure.

Benefits of a Managed Print Service Solution

Visability with a Managed Print Service solution
Security with a Managed Print Service solution
Sustainability with a Managed Print Service solution
Collaboration with a Managed Print Service solution

Managed Print Services gives you the ability to reduce your printing costs,  by removing unnecessary print infrastructure, including servers (Cloud), and eliminate the hidden costs associated with managing your print environment.

MJ Flood’s security solutions safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of your information through; Print Authentication, Bizhub Secure and iOptions.

Our Award-Winning Konica Minolta print devices have a range of innovative eco-conscious features that help you reduce energy consumption, reduce waste and monitor your environmental performance to reach your sustainability goals.

Our solutions provide customers with the ability to capture and print documents on any devices within the company network. Follow-me printing.

Our Services

We have a wide range of solutions that are tailored to your individual business needs, offering a comprehensive portfolio that includes print management and optimisation, print automation, fleet monitoring and customer reporting.


Understand your total cost of ownership, ensure your printing infrastructure is well balanced and completely integrated with industry leading software.


Reduce risk and get the most out of your printing solution with our professional implementation, communication and device life-cycle management services.


Boost your productivity and device up-time with a proactive approach to managing incidents, asset management, print tracking, consumables and service.


Monitor, control and report on your document output with solutions for tracking and allocation of print costs, elimination of waste and reduction of costs.


Keep your valuable information secure. Our security services help to ensure that your company information receives the highest possible security protection.

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