May 3, 2023

Don’t let print and printing costs get out of hand

To prevent print and printing costs from spiralling out of control, it’s important for organisations of all sizes and industries to tackle a number of fundamental challenges. These challenges include managing costs, safeguarding corporate information, and ensuring efficient and productive work processes for everyone.

One area that is particularly susceptible to getting out of hand is print management. If you don’t have visibility into who is printing what, which users or teams are doing the most printing and copying, and how much it all costs, it’s easy for things to go awry. This can lead to uncollected documents, wasted resources and money, and potential breaches of sensitive information. Additionally, if a printer malfunctions, it can be difficult for users to quickly switch to another device.

Fortunately, you can overcome these challenges and more by implementing a managed print solution from MJ Flood to manage and secure your entire print and scan infrastructure. By doing so, you will be able to:

  • Get a comprehensive overview of your organisation’s printing, copying, and scanning activities
  • Track who is printing what and when
  • Control costs by implementing print policies and rules
  • Enhance security and reduce waste through user authentication
  • Optimise workflow productivity and manage the print queue more efficiently


Take control, gain insights, increase flexibility

To achieve greater control, insights and flexibility, it’s important to select a print management solution that aligns with your organisation’s needs. Here are some key features to consider:

User authentication:

With centralised control over identities, you can ensure that users have to authenticate themselves at a device to release a print job. This protects sensitive information and reduces wasted print, while also allowing users to send a print job to any networked printer. Some solutions also enable secure printing from mobile devices, including BYOD.

Monitoring and reporting:

Real-time tracking and monitoring through regular, scheduled and on-demand reporting helps you identify and investigate excessive or unusual usage by an individual or department. You can also create executive reports for top-level management summaries and sustainability information.

User and cost management:

By assigning users to cost centers or allowing them to select relevant cost centers before printing, you can manage and charge back costs. Price lists can also be assigned to different devices, cost centers and users. Print rules and policies can ensure tighter cost management by restricting access to certain devices and features based on user roles.

Cost accounting and print budget management:

Choose a solution that allows you to assign print budgets to users and top up their accounts as needed. This provides cost control and flexibility, and can be particularly useful in environments like universities where students may have a free print quota.

Print queue management:

For organisations with an in-house print room, consider a print management solution that efficiently manages both the production and office print queues.

Workflow management:

If your organisation is undergoing a digital transformation, look for a print management solution that can help you develop efficient scanning workflows to optimise productivity.

By choosing the right print management solution and leveraging its features and functionalities, organisations can reduce their spend on print services by up to 30%.

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