January 7, 2019


1.Handle multiple SKU’s.
Short runs of different labels are quick and easy to run, with no additional prep-time and make ready. Short-run printing can be more effective and profitable.

 2. Personalise your output.
It enable users to print variable images and text, fully integrated into your digital workflow. Imagine the ways personalised label printing could help your business!

3. Shorten your lead times.
With no pre-press setup time, personalised labels can start printing without delay.

4. Lower your costs.
Think about it: less waste, zero plates used, minimal labor requirements – it all adds up to lower running costs and increased profitability.

5. Minimal Footprint.
12’ separating the underwinder and rewinder, allowing it to fit in the tightest of spaces on your production floor.

6. Improve consistency.
Complete colour management control allows consistency across the substrate from beginning to end of your entire press run.

7. Simplify your operation.
Digital control is far simpler than conventional analogue systems –and users can queue jobs right from your touchscreen control panel, making reprints quicker and more cost-effective.

8. Quick and easy change over of wp-content/uploads rolls. Different substrates can be changed simply by splicing one substrate onto the other. All settings are stored in the print engine controller.

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