November 1, 2023

MJ Flood Halloween 2023

At MJ Flood, we really enjoy our Halloween gatherings! Our commitment to sustainability shines through in every aspect of our celebration. We make a conscious effort to reduce waste by reusing older costumes and clothing, and we also encourage creativity through arts and crafts.
So, congratulations to everyone for the outstanding efforts in making this year’s Halloween celebration a resounding success. Special kudos go to Susan for her exceptional work on the decorations, which transformed our canteen into a mesmerising and enchanting space, especially considering this is our last party there before the upcoming renovations set to begin this Friday.
Let’s applaud our winners! The first-place honour, of course, belongs to Team Barbie & Ken, comprising Kim, Aisling, Claudia, Chloe, Ethan, and Jimmy. Tara secured second place with her splendid hot air balloon creation. In joint third place, we had Clayton as The Invisible Man and our Kildare Co. Co. colleague, Maureen.
Once again, a big round of applause to all for your dedication and creativity in making our Halloween party a memorable and sustainable event!

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