Mobile Printing

Print that’s as mobile as you are

In recent years, modern work has been transformed from a stationary experience to a far more mobile one. Workers can now work while travelling, hold a business meeting outside the office – at a client’s headquarters, for example – or finish tasks from home. This shift allows for hugely improved efficiency and flexibility of workflow. Mobile phones meet the requirements of modern workers perfectly – they are always to hand, are easy-to-use, and support fast, effective communication.

Mobile Printing

Organisations are witnessing a move away from rigid office environments and these are being replaced by a flexible, customisable and remote way of working. The Quocirca Print 2025 report shows that mobile employees are expected to account for more than half of the workforce by 2025. It is unsurprising that 45% of respondents identified mobile printing as an area that is capturing their attention.

With mobile printing expected to grow across all sectors, this is a key area for the print industry; over half of the surveyed enterprise organisations expect mobile print volumes to increase.


Mobile printing is designed with the modern worker’s needs in mind

YSoft SafeQ

The need for secure mobile printing has been addressed by YSoft and is in fact a hallmark of YSoft SafeQ.  Supporting the growing demands of a mobile workforce while improving print infrastructure flexibility has been made possible by YSoft SafeQ print management. Ensuring that print governance requirements are supported means that security, mobility, sustainability and cost efficiency measures are met.

Remote workers are able to print seamlessly and easily from their devices with speed and reliability with YSoft SafeQ’s mobile printing features, including the ability to authenticate at any company printer via the YSoft SafeQ Mobile App. Employees can select any of the company’s networked printers at any location – worldwide, verify their identity through authentication and release their print job(s). All this while administrators maintain control of the print environment, with full accounting for print jobs submitted and released through mobile devices.

Secure Smartphone Printing with YSoft SafeQ ▶️