Print Director

Streamline Your Print Management Solution

Print Director’s Hybrid Cloud Solution revolutionises the process of implementing your Print Management Solution by significantly reducing rollout time. With our innovative approach, all database configurations and MSI tasks can be efficiently set up before deploying agents to users’ PCs.

By conducting the job processing locally on the user’s computer, Print Director eliminates the need for additional network traffic to transfer print jobs to a print server. This efficient design ensures a seamless printing experience without compromising performance or creating unnecessary network congestion.

With Print Director’s Hybrid Cloud Solution, you can expedite the implementation of your Print Management Solution while optimising job processing, leading to improved productivity and reduced network load. Experience the benefits of streamlined print management with Print Director.

Introducing Print Director : Streamline Your Print Management Solution


Hybrid Cloud Solution

Print Director Hybrid Cloud Solution is a hosted print solution which enables organisations to remove the burden of having to manage on-premise print servers:

• Reduce printer server costs by removing print servers
• Reduce your IT departments workload
• Simplify software setup and installation

Working from Home?

If you have staff working from home, you want to know which company documents are being printed on the home printer and who is printing them to keep an audit trail of your confidential company documents.
If you are an employee working at home, you want to recover the costs of printer cartridges and paper for work documents printed.

For Educational Insitutions

Rule based printing and alerts
Limit users and/or devices when certain thresholds are met per month, week, day or any calendar period.

Charge for printing
Accept cash from users to replenish their accounts. Printing is denied when their balance reaches zero.
Users can see their balance on their workstation or on the LCD panel of the printer.

Summary and detailed information with usage analysis. Automatic, scheduled emailing of reports in Excel, PDF or Word.

Control and Charge with P.D Pro

• Track paper output on printers, photocopiers and multifunction devices.
• Recover costs – charge for printing.
• Reduce waste.
• Discover optimal deployment of printing facilities.
• Better supplies management.
• Control access to office equipment.
• Centralise management of printing infrastructure.

About the Product


Flexible environments

  • Supports all printing environments including print servers (spooled printing), desktop printers, direct-to-IP printing and Google Cloud printing.


Extensive graphical reporting

  • Summary and detailed information with usage analysis
  • Automatic, scheduled emailing of reports in Excel, PDF or Word formats
  • Up to 3 levels of grouping by any attribute (User, Device, Department, Region, Phone number)


No extra hardware

  • Embeds on to Konica Minolta


Follow Me’ printing

  • Print and then release at any device

How the System Works


Google Cloud Print Integration

  • Print from Android, iOS, Windows or Chrome from anywhere in the World and have your documents routed to your corporate ‘Follow Me’ system
  • Silent auditing of device usage
  • Secure print release and follow me (release at any device)


Rule based Printing & Alerts

  • Limit users and/or devices when certain thresholds are met per month, week, day or any calendar period
  • Educate users via popups or emails with advice on duplex or black & white printing
  • Alert management via email when certain user or device, total or colour thresholds are met
  • Automatically change email print jobs to black & white or large print jobs to duplex


Administrative automation

  • Integration with Active Directory
  • User defaults (Rules, software access) automatically inherited from their department
  • Send user PINs directly from software
  • Auto-load user email address for Scan-to-Me. No need to manually load device address books
  • Offline operation if connection to central database is lost (very effective in WAN environments)
  • Silent auditing of device usage
  • Secure print release and follow me (release at any device)
  • Extensive rule enforcement on a per user basis (access to devices, colour printing, max pages, etc).
  • Reports can be automatically emailed to a number of recipients at user-specified intervals


The minimum and recommended requirements listed are expressed with the assumption that the server will not be running any other services (e.g. domain controller, Exchange etc). Should the server be running other services, the specifications below should be adjusted accordingly. Operating System Print Director supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2016. Desktop operated systems are supporting from Windows XP to Windows 10. Runtime Print Director is supported by the .Net Framework 2.0 through to 4.5. The only OS that might require an installation of .Net is Windows XP. All later versions of Windows have .Net pre-in­stalled so no manual installation is required. Recommendations:
  • 0-5 MFPs: 40GB free space
  • 20-50 MFPs 100GB free space
  • 50-100 MFPs: 200 GB free space
  RAM The minimum requirement for RAM is 2GB. The recommended requirements are based on the number of MFPs hosted by the server:
  • 0-4 MFPs: 2GB
  • 5-20 MFPs: 4GB
  • 20-100 MFPs: 8GB
  Download full technical requirements here