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Bitdefender: Always One Step Ahead of The Attack


Go For Industry-Leading Standards – Rethink Protection

In today’s evolving workplaces and work styles, new threats to safety emerge almost daily, making security a pressing concern. The demands of GDPR guidelines for personal data protection are already considerable, and the rise of malware and cyber-attacks presents additional challenges for businesses’ daily operations. Incidents like the widespread WannaCry infection and the unsettling concept of the DarkHotel spy highlight the severity of these threats.

The statistics* on office environment threats are alarming: On average, a hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds. Each day sees the emergence of 230,000 new malware items, a number expected to rise. For instance, a German telecommunications company faces up to 46 million cyber-attacks daily. Globally, three-quarters of companies have experienced the consequences of such attacks, resulting in the loss of critical business data and applications, and inaccessibility to computer centers for days.

It’s no longer a matter of if your company will be targeted, but rather when and how well-prepared you are for the challenge. To confront these risks, it’s imperative to adopt industry-leading standards and rethink protection strategies.

Protect Your Data Where It Belongs

An often underestimated security risk lies in document and information processing via multifunctional devices (MFPs). While most manufacturers offer various security features for their MFPs, whitelisting is commonly regarded as the highest security level. Many competitors merely suggest a partnership with an antivirus provider without implementing it technically.

Why Bitdefender is Your Best Solution

In collaboration with Bitdefender, Konica Minolta’s virus scanning solution stands out in the market, delivering unparalleled protection for your MFP(s) with:

Simplicity of Bitdefender's real-time scan feature
Bitdefender's accuracy ensures superior protection
Additional tech features for added security
Bitdefender continuously updates multiple times daily

By activating Bitdefender’s real-time scan feature, the necessity for additional configuration is eradicated. This means that both incoming and outgoing data undergo automatic scanning, regardless of the application, file format, or user involved. Such seamless integration of scanning procedures not only enhances security but also streamlines operations for operators.

Whitelisting limits application access but fails to defend against vulnerabilities exploited by malicious documents. To bridge this gap, documents require scanning for exploits. Modern malware uses “Living off the land,” exploiting whitelisted tools within the printer image. Bitdefender enhances whitelisting by scanning every process and document for malicious intent, ensuring superior protection.

Bitdefender provides administrators with the option to enhance security through periodic scanning. This feature allows for the examination of all stored data at designated intervals. Unlike relying solely on whitelisting, which permits approved applications while potentially missing emerging threats hidden within stored data, periodic scanning ensures a comprehensive review of all files and documents.

Bitdefender continuously updates multiple times daily to combat the latest threats in the digital office landscape, responding promptly to emerging vulnerabilities. In contrast, whitelisting remains static. When a new vulnerability is detected in printer software, users must wait for the manufacturer’s fix, a process that can span months.

* Source: The Quocirca Global Print Security Landscape, 2019 Report & Disaster Preparedness Council, FEMA &, Deutsche Telekom AG 2019

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