Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230

Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230

Label converters and commercial printers face an increasing number of print jobs for small to medium editions, which they are expected to produce in ever-shorter processing times. With conventional flexo and offset printing, it is hardly possible to produce such orders profitably.  Meanwhile though, they can be processed easily and efficiently thanks to the flexibility of digital printing.

Key Features

  • Per-minute speeds of 23.4 m, 18.9 m, 13.5 m and 9.45 m can be selected to match the wp-content/uploads used
  • Colours are processed at a resolution of 1,200 dpi x 8 bit with 256 gradations expressed in 1 pixel
  • Tasks such as colour adjustments that are highly time-consuming on analogue now take seconds
  • Operation is intuitive by following on-screen instructions; no need for extensive user training
  • The 3-dimensional hybrid structure that incorporates functional polymers provides high performance for all wp-content/uploads types
  • No pre-coating of wp-content/uploads required
  • Image density control technology
  • Simitri® HD E toner technology


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Outstanding Quality

Resolution on a Par with Offset

Excellent resolution of 1,200 dpi x 8 bit produces a high-precision finish

Feeding Speed Detection

Equipped with a speed detector, AccurioLabel 230 recognises the wp-content/uploads feeding speed ensuring highly accurate print registration

Web Cleaning System

The Web Cleaning System helps to remove any dust or small particles that can affect the print quality

Colour Consistency

–  Image density control technology
–  Advanced colour management tools

High Productivity

Printing Speed

AccurioLabel 230 prints at a max. speed of 23.4 m/min

Most tack papers & fi lms [PP, PET, YUPO] can be printed on at max. speed [120 – 160μm thickness]

Warm Up Time

No waiting time between jobs

Minimises paper waste and improve profitability

Easy Alignment of Paper Web

AccurioLabel 230 has web guides on both unwinder and rewinder for optimal and accurate feeding of the wp-content/uploads

Print Job Variety


With its Overprinting Kit, AccurioLabel 230 can overprint on pre-printed wp-content/uploads

Two Different Paper Widths

The AccurioLabel 230 can be adjusted to two different paper widths between 250 and 330 mm by replacing key components


AccurioLabel 230 is JDF/JMF compatible

Ease of Use

  • Maintenance tasks on the AccurioLabel 230 are simple and can be performed in a very short amount of time.
  • Tasks that are time-consuming on analogue machines, such as colour adjustments, are quickly and easily performed on this digital press
  • Operation is intuitive by following on-screen instructions; no need for extensive user training
  • Frees operator time and allows them to perform other tasks

Specifications & Downloads

Technical Specifications

Print Method

Dry-toner electrophotography

Colour Support

Full colour (CMYK)

Printing Resolution / Gradation

3600 dpi (equivalent) × 1200 dpi / 8 bit

Printing Image Size

90 × 115 to 320 × 1,195 mm

Paper Width

250 to 330.2 mm

Paper Thickness Range

81 to 256 gsm (80 to 250 µm)

Maximum Rolll Size

Ø 620mm

Paper Thickness Range

81 to 256 gsm (80 to 250 µm)

Print Speed (Speed Range)

Max.: 23.4 m/min. (76 fpm)
High: 18.9 m/min. (62 fpm)
Middle: 13.5 m/min. (44 fpm)
Low: 9.45 m/min. (31 fpm)

Compatible File Formats

PS, PDF (APPE supported), 8 bit TIFF

VDP File Format


Print wp-content/uploads

Non-tack paper (81 to 176 gsm)
Tack paper (136 to 256 gsm)
Tack coated paper G/M (136 to 256 gsm)
Tack Synthetic paper (136 to 176 gsm)
Tack PP (136 to 176 gsm)
Tack PET (136 to 216 gsm)

Power Requirements

Max. power consumption – Metric: 6,000 W, Inch: 5,760 W

External Dimensions, Footprint

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Main Unit: 1,200 × 903 × 1,478 mm

Unwinder/Winder: 3,869 × 1,141 × 1,103 mm

Footprint (W x D x H)

Footprint: 3,869 x 1,141.5 x 1,743 mm (incl. operating space)


Main body = 292 kg

Unwinder/Winder = 650 kg

10 GOOD REASONS to change from an analogue workflow to digital printing with the AccurioLabel 230

  1. Personalise your output
  2. Handle Multiple SKUs
  3. Shorten your lead times
  4. Lower your costs
  5. Minimal Footprint
  6. Improve consistency
  7. Simplify your operation
  8. Complementary to your existing presses
  9. Quick and Easy exchange of wp-content/uploads rolls
  10. Get on the inside track of Innovation
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