Managed Print Secure Solutions

Printer Device Security

Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your print security issues connected with MFPs. If a device is accessible by a wide range of different users (including staff, visitors and contractors), the risk of a data leak does increase. MJ Flood offers security print solutions combining fast access to all the device’s functionalities with the ability to control the access rights of employees. This ensures security of confidential data cannot be accessed by visitors or unauthorised personnel. Konica Minolta systems remain secure, flexible, and user-friendly at all times – so you’re very much the one in control.

With MJ Flood’s Managed Print Service and Konica Minolta, you know you’re implementing exactly the right data security policies and can ensure those newly-copied confidential documents lying in the MFP output tray or files stored on the hard disk of a device don’t fall into the wrong hands. The comprehensive range of security measures offered by MJ Flood lets you guarantee the best practise for the security of your documents and data.

Konica Minolta devices are designed to be integrated into network environments, ensuring MFPs need to comply with stringent security standards, and potential security leaks are closed using the network connection. All of which ensures you benefit from the numerous ways Konica Minolta protects your data, and limits access to confidential information.

Konica Minolta partners with Bitdefender – a leader in IT security – for the development of its bizhub i-Series. Bitdefender’s leading edge anti-virus solution has been embedded in the MFP’s firmware and monitors all scanned files and documents transferred to and from it in real time. It also enables automatic virus scanning on hard drives as well as manual scans.

All bizhub i-Series models are ready for GDPR, and ISO 15408 certified HCD-PP, so data privacy standards and security requirements are met.

Benefits of MJ Floods Secure Printing

User Authentication Methods

SMTP Authentication

Ports and Protocols Secured by Administrator

GDPR Ready

Fax Line Security

S/MIME Encryption

Virus Scan via Bitdefender

ISO15408 Certified HCD-PP

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