November 25, 2019

Carbon Minus by 2050

Given the urgency of global environmental issues, global businesses have a great responsibility to help build a more sustainable society by reducing environmental impact.

With Eco Vision 2050, Konica Minolta exemplifies its determination to fulfill its long-term environmental responsibilities. The company is taking a series of actions to achieve “Carbon Minus” status.

With Eco Vision 2050, Konica Minolta aims to reduce the CO, emissions from its products throughout their entire lifecycle by 80% compared to fiscal 2005 levels by 2050. The addition of “Carbon Minus” is Konica Minolta’s commitment to achieve a CO, emissions reduction effect that exceeds the CO, emissions produced by Konica Minolta’s business activities in cooperation with stakeholders such as business partners, customers and local communities.

Eco Vision 2050

1. Reduce CO, emissions throughout the product lifecycle by 80% by 2050, compared to fiscal 2005 levels. Also through cooperation with stakeholders, achieve CO, emission reductions greater than product lifecycle emissions, and realize Carbon Minus status.

2. Promote recycling and effective use of Earth’s limited resources

3. Work to promote restoration and preservation of biodiversity


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