Colour Printing and Imaging Solution Boosts Customer Service and Improves Business Processes at Glennon

Leading insurance service provider, Glennon has introduced colour printing and imaging to its organisation, resulting in streamlined business processes and improved customer service. The print environment was deployed and configured by MJ Flood. The solution allows Glennon to bring colour imaging and production in-house and to integrate it with their document management system. It also facilitates the merging of several back-office functions leading to more efficient document handling.

Insurance is a paper-intensive industry and archiving volumes are very large. Glennon produces almost 150,000 black and white copies per month. “An increase in the number of support calls on our existing copiers coupled with the need to introduce colour imaging to document production made us realise that a device refresh was on the cards,” explains Donal Cronin, IT Manager with Glennon. “We knew that a combination of cost constraints and regulatory requirements would drive the configuration of that refresh.”

As the incumbent supplier and one which had demonstrated a thorough knowledge of Glennon’s business gathered over a 30 year period, MJ Flood was chosen to map out a migration path to next generation multi-function devices. A total of four Konica Minolta C552 MFPs were deployed together with one Konica Minolta 501.

Professional Presentation of Customer Documentation

Glennon provides a variety of tailored and off-the-shelf insurance products for all the leading insurers, for both commercial and private clients. Access to four Konica Minolta MFPs located at specific locations throughout the building, allows staff to scan in colour and produce co-branded correspondence and other documentation in crisp, clear text, contrast-rich images and brilliant colours. “We no longer have to worry about printing letter-headed paper externally,” explains Donal Cronin. “We’re self-sufficient and the high quality of document production reflects our business ethos of professionalism, experience and expertise. I expect the demand for colour to grow strongly into the future. Most importantly, we have put the equipment in place to allow staff work more efficiently,” he says.

An Economical Replacement for Older Machines

It made sense for Glennon to move away from their existing monochrome units,” explains Michael Power Jr., Director with MJ Flood. The Konica Minolta C552 devices deliver cost-effective colour production and with best in class power consumption, are more economical to run than any older machines or comparable systems on the market.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements

Operating in the insurance sector, Glennon is subject to stringent regulatory requirements in terms of document storage and retrieval. “Every version of the same document has to be stored separately,” explains Donal Cronin. “Staff also have to be able to easily find and retrieve correspondence including scans of documentation. Trace-back functionality in the Konica Minolta devices makes this process quick and easy. It helps to boost productivity and streamline workflow,” he adds.
The scanning ability of the Konica Minolta machines is facilitating and simplifying large volume electronic paper transfers, which are relatively common in the industry. Cronin explains: “We had one such example recently when we were able to reduce a 500 page document to a 1MB PDF file which was then available to e-mail onwards.”

Seamless Migration from Old to New

The new devices were configured in advance in the MJ Flood workshop. Technical staff were provided with a list of Glennon employees, their IP addresess and unique PINs for device access. They took this existing data and scanned the user accounts with each back-up path directed to server shares at departmental level. At 6pm on the day of the migration, the machines were installed at each specified location and by 11pm that evening, the project was complete. At 9am. the following morning, Glennon staff arrived to new devices with superior printing and imaging quality and the same user permissions as they had previously. “Pre-configuration certainly made the migration a lot easier,” explains Donal Cronin. “And MJ Flood staff were on hand to troubleshoot any issues that could arise. The system has been running smoothly ever since.”

Zero Capital Investment with Full Transparency of Costs

Glennon purchased under MJ Flood’s FLEXIPLAN scheme. This provides significant cost advantages over traditional capital purchases. Clients simply pay a fee per copy on a set print volume. Included in this fee are parts, labour, consumables, servicing and maintenance. A regular review of print volumes is also conducted so the print environment is constantly optimised to keep costs at a minimum. “In the current climate, FLEXIPLAN is attractive to business,” comments Michael Power Jr, Director at MJ Flood. “It negates the need for capital investment and gives the client full predictability of costs into the future. For businesses where document production is mission-critical, they can benefit from technology advancements now and make significant cost-savings in the long-term.”

We’re very happy with the level of support from MJ Flood down through the years,” says Donal Cronin. “We’ve had no significant technical issues and have built a good rapport with the technical team over time. Personal relationships are an important element of our business and the same holds true for our suppliers.”

For more information on how MJ Flood can help with print management, please contact us by phone: (01) 4663500 or email us on [email protected]