St. Patrick’s Hospital Reduces Print Related Helpdesk Calls by Over 90% with a Customised Print Environment

Having acquired the devices under the MJ Flood FLEXIPLAN, there was no capital expenditure or engagement with a 3rd party finance company. With a staff of 500, and 300 PC users, St. Patrick’s is a demanding print environment. Large volumes of documentation are printed, scanned, faxed and copied every day including medical assessments, laboratory tests, referral letters, labels and more complex booklets which invite patient feedback. This is where MJ Flood comes in with their managed print solution

“The move to a smaller number of high quality printers has been hugely successful,” comments Paul Moran, IT Manager at St. Patrick’s Hospital.

Protecting Patient Confidentiality

Protecting patient confidentiality is a critical issue. Prints are only released at each device when staff are present with their staff fobs or swipe cards.  Staff also have regular access to the MJ Flood support team, as Michael Power Jnr., Director of MJ Flood explains: “Our staff make weekly visits to the hospital on set days.  During this time, we assist with training for new staff or simply help with troubleshooting issues.”

Reduced Costs and Increased Transparency

Our FLEXIPLAN provides significant cost advantages over traditional acquisition methods, with no capital expenditure. Included in this fee are parts, labour, consumables, servicing, maintenance and an agreed volume of colour print/copies per month. A regular review of print   volumes is also conducted so the print environment is constantly optimised for the hospital, keeping costs to a minimum. As a not-for-profit organisation, the ability to provide print management with full transparency of costs is hugely beneficial.

Staff no longer have to worry about processing orders for toner or parts ,thanks to MJ Flood’s automatic toner replenishment software and with only 4 invoices per year, this helps to reduce administration costs across a number of departments,” adds Paul Moran.  “In addition,   technical problems are logged directly with MJ Flood, with an agreed two-hour response time, which helps us retain precious support time for dealing with more important clinical applications.