Environment Related Labels

Blue Angel

Launched in Germany in 1978 as the world’s first environmental labelling system, the Blue Angel is awarded to products and services that have a smaller environmental impact.

Since receiving the world’s first Blue Angel certification in the field of copiers in January 1992, Konica Minolta has continued to receive certification for new products by clearing the certification bar each time it has been raised.

Energy Star

Products that meet certain standards can be registered as ENERGY STAR devices as part of an energy saving programme for office equipment.

Implemented in 1995 through an agreement between the Japanese and US governments, the international program has expanded with the participation of the EU and other countries.

Konica Minolta joined the ENERGY STAR programme early on, and most of our products now fulfil the ENERGY STAR requirements.

ECO Leaf

The ECO LEAF labelling provides information on the environmental impact of a product, based on quantitative measurement of the environmental performance through the product’s entire life cycle, from raw material procurement to production, sales, usage, disposal, and recycling.

Konica Minolta provides environmental impact data relating to its office equipment through the ECO LEAF.


Deinking, i.e. the removal of ink or toner from paper, is crucial for the production of recycled paper. This is guaranteed with Konica Minolta’s Simitri® HD toner, which achieved top results in the INGEDE deinking test.

RoHS 2 & Declaration of Conformity

Effective since July 2006 on the European market, the RoHS Directive (Restriction of Haz-ardous Substances) was superseded in January 2013 by the new RoHS 2 Directive, which integrates RoHS 2 into the Declaration of Conformity.

As a result, the CE mark now covers RoHS 2 compliance and replaces the former “RoHS compliant” mark. Konica Minolta fully commits to RoHS 2 and not only avoids the listed substances in the RoHS-designated products but has discontinued the use of these substances in all office products.

wp-content/uploads certified with FSC and/or Blue Angel

For all office systems, Konica Minolta recommends print wp-content/uploads certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) to encourage paper manufacturers to adhere to responsible forest management practices. In particular wp-content/uploads certified with the Blue Angel consist of 100% recycled paper and their production is particularly low-pollutant.

These paper types only have a minimal environmental footprint in production but are not lacking in quality and reliability.