September 10, 2018

Konica Minolta wins BLI PaceSetter award for Outstanding Serviceability

Konica Minolta Business Solutions is named the winner of the Buyers Lab (BLI) PaceSetter award for Outstanding Serviceability 2018–2019. The accolade was awarded by Keypoint Intelligence, a leading independent analyst for the digital imaging industry. It is based on comprehensive research to determine the OEM with “the best-designed tools, programs and training to enhance the serviceability of its devices”. The combination of “smart service with smart technology” and innovations in service offerings and training identified Konica Minolta as being a leader in the field.

In conducting the Buyers Lab report, analysts from Keypoint Intelligence evaluated Konica Minolta’s company vision, in-field support, environmental considerations, tools and training provided to service technicians, as well as device design.

The analysts noted that the company’s leadership in serviceability was achieved through Konica Minolta’s “Shift Left” strategy, which mitigates downtime by either enabling end users to troubleshoot device issues themselves or use remote technology to correct any problems. This includes assisting customers via a comprehensive suite of measures that combine remote and in-person technician support, training programs and materials and support for third party tools. This offering has been further enhanced with an innovative Augmented Reality solution.

We are honoured to be named the leader in this vital area, as customer-centricity and uncompromising service quality are embedded in our DNA. Our goal is to create innovative products, solutions and services that accelerate our clients’ workflows and empower their businesses. Konica Minolta’s ability to continuously service at the highest level is one of the pillars on which our customers rely to position their businesses in first place and stay there, too.”  André Ziemann, General Manager Service & Support, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH

Inefficient service or support can translate to dollars lost, which is why this is becoming a key differentiator in the industry. To keep pace with today’s 24/7 business world, companies cannot afford to have MFPs down for long. They are seeking vendors that can handle any issues that arise, or even better: prevent these issues from occurring at all.”  Randy Dazo, Director of Keypoint Intelligence’s Office Technology & Services Group

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