Large Enterprise

Large Enterprise


Large enterprises are typically document-intensive businesses that rely on printed and digitised files to drive their business. As an Irish leader in document management solutions and managed print services, MJ Flood understands how important it is for large organisations to streamline their document based activities, control costs and improve productivity and efficiency.

Control your printing costs

Printing costs in large organisations are significant and they can quickly spiral out of control. Recent research indicates 50% of all IT help calls are printer related. MJ Flood can help organisations reign in print costs by consolidating printer fleets and implementing smart technology that monitors every print, scan, copy and fax, from every device. By monitoring printer usage, organisations can reduce paper usage and save costs. 

Get smart about your printing

Large organisations often require a mix of printing devices. For instance, reliable high-speed black and white multifunctional printers can be cost effective for high volume needs, while superior colour printing is often essential for presentations and sales materials. MJ Flood has a range of different printing devices that integrate with intelligent solutions to dramatically improve workflow processes and increase efficiency.

Enjoy rapid, high-quality printing

With speeds of up to 75 pages per minute in colour and 95 pages per minute in black and white, your business can produce documents very quickly and respond rapidly to impromptu meetings.

Revolutionise business workflow

Our Electronic Data Management solutions (EDM) can accelerate an organisation’s workflow and dramatically improve productivity. Recent research has found that organisations can waste over eight hours a week per employee searching for documents (Managed Print Services Survey, IDC). With MJ Flood’s software, several years of files can be accessed directly from the desktop in seconds, reducing the piles of paper and helping the organisation move faster.

The IDC MarketScape noted that Konica Minolta had sustained product innovation through 2018 expanding its strong product line

When it comes to workflow, we can help your business:

Create digital filing cabinets – convert paper files into digital documents to make traditional archiving a thing of the past. Using sophisticated scanning technology dramatically improves productivity and efficiency and creates significant cost savings.

  • Reduce manual processes – electronic files can be manipulated with automated data capture solutions that reduce the number of manual processes in the workplace. For instance, an accounts department can scan and index invoices and reference them against individual jobs.
  • Manipulate data files – Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is revolutionising workflow processes with its ability to extract data and export it to several other destinations. For instance, a large sales department can process purchase orders using a PDF file, which can then automatically extract the relevant number for invoicing for accounts departments, and deliver docket reference codes for despatch departments.
  • Save valuable office space – using EDM, large businesses can eliminate bulky filing cabinets and other storage used for archiving, freeing up space for purposes that create more value.

Enjoy managed print services and solutions for complete accountability

Our server based print management service can monitor and control your entire print network. Every copy, scan and fax can be recorded and audited in detail to allow you to pinpoint inefficiencies and rationalise your printing costs.

Costs can be assigned to departments or projects and printing restrictions can be allocated to reduce colour printing or limit large printing volumes. Cost recovery systems can also be installed for organisations, such as law firms and construction companies, who charge printing costs back to the client.

Our managed print services can cover your:

  • Fleet – ensuring your document fleet is suitable to actual business needs and establishing continuous optimisation.
  • Process – tailored analyses of all business-relevant document flows to increase productivity.
  • Finance – different purchasing and leasing options can be integrated into existing contracts for one single transparent financial plan.
  • Security – designing and implementing IT and information security solutions, from user authentication and data-safe hard disk handling for disposed devices to complex network security.

Protect your confidential intellectual property

Every organisation has access to sensitive information that might be detrimental to the organisation if it fell into the wrong hands. Whether it is protecting customer databases, or reducing the risk of valuable intellectual property, your business needs to do everything it can to protect confidential material.

It’s important to remember that multifunctional devices are no longer basic photocopiers. They are also sophisticated business machines & servers – and you need to address the security of your print process as much as you do your computer network.

MJ Flood offers a number of solutions to help you protect your confidential data. This includes:

  • Pull print solutions – which require an authentication code to print documents. This helps to ensure confidential documents are not printed and then left abandoned at the copier.
  • Enforce print privilege solutions – we can restrict file access to ensure confidential files can only be accessed by certain people.
  • Protect the printer hard drive solutions – we can ensure data saved on an MFD hard drive is erased so documents can’t be retrieved illegally once the device has been replaced.
  • Data encryption solution – helps mitigate the risk of potential hackers accessing confidential documents flowing from the network to the printer. This advanced security solution is significant, especially for large organisations.

Helping organisations reduce their environmental footprint

The OEM, Konica Minolta’s commitment to the environment has resulted in products that are among the most environmentally friendly available. The result is lower energy costs & reduction in carbon footprint.
MJ Flood is committed to reducing paper usage and wastage, enforcing printers to automatically print double-sided and black and white as a default, and automatically switching devices to low energy sleep mode when not in use.

Offering personalised service

We have a team of expert consultants who have extensive experience in identifying specific needs and solutions facing large organisations.
We take pride in delivering best-in-class service and support to our customers, with fast, efficient service calls operating nation-wide.