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Large corporations often deal with a high volume of documents, both in physical and digital formats, which play a crucial role in driving their operations. At MJ Flood, we understand the unique needs of these document-intensive businesses and specialise in providing comprehensive document management solutions and managed print services in Ireland.

Our expertise lies in assisting large enterprises in streamlining their document-related activities, controlling costs, and enhancing productivity and efficiency. We recognise the importance of optimising workflows and ensuring seamless document handling processes to meet the demands of modern businesses.

Control your printing costs

To address the challenges faced by large organisations, we offer a range of services tailored to their specific requirements. One of our key focuses is helping companies gain control over their printing costs. Printing expenses can quickly escalate, becoming a significant part of the overall budget. In fact, recent research indicates that printer-related issues account for 50% of all IT help calls.

At MJ Flood, we can assist in managing and reducing print costs by consolidating printer fleets and implementing intelligent technologies. Our solutions enable real-time monitoring of every print, scan, copy, and fax activity across all devices. By closely tracking printer usage, organisations can identify areas of inefficiency, reduce paper waste, and ultimately save costs.

We believe that by taking a proactive approach to print management, large enterprises can achieve greater cost control, enhance operational efficiency, and allocate resources more effectively.

Get Smart About Your Printing Needs

In the realm of large organisations, a diverse range of printing devices is often necessary. MJ Flood recognises this requirement and offers a variety of printing solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. From reliable high-speed black and white multifunctional printers for cost-effective high-volume printing to superior colour printing for impactful presentations and sales materials, we have the devices and intelligent solutions to enhance your workflow processes and boost efficiency.

Our cutting-edge Konica Minolta printing devices deliver impressive speeds, allowing your business to produce documents rapidly and respond swiftly to impromptu meetings. With speeds of up to 75 pages per minute in colour and 95 pages per minute in black and white, you can enjoy quick turnarounds without compromising quality.

Experience Comprehensive Accountability with Managed Print Services

At MJ Flood, we offer a print management service that provides complete monitoring and control over your entire print network. Every copy, scan, and fax activity is meticulously recorded and audited, enabling you to identify inefficiencies and optimise your printing costs.

Our innovative system allows for cost allocation to departments or projects, enabling you to track expenses accurately. Printing restrictions can be implemented to reduce colour printing or limit large printing volumes, providing greater cost control. For organisations that bill printing costs to clients, we can install cost recovery systems, particularly beneficial for law firms and construction companies.

Our managed print services extend to cover the following areas:

  • Fleet: We ensure that your document fleet aligns with your actual business needs and continuously optimise its performance.
  • Process: Our tailored analyses of all business-relevant document flows help enhance productivity and streamline processes.
  • Finance: We offer integration of different purchasing and leasing options into existing contracts, providing a transparent and consolidated financial plan.
  • Security: We specialise in designing and implementing robust IT and information security solutions. From user authentication to secure disposal of devices and network security, we ensure your sensitive data remains protected.

Safeguard Your Confidential Intellectual Property

The protection of sensitive information is crucial for every organisation, as the repercussions of it falling into the wrong hands can be detrimental. Whether you need to safeguard customer databases or secure valuable intellectual property, it is essential to take proactive measures to protect your confidential material.

In today’s digital age, multifunctional devices have evolved beyond basic photocopiers. They now function as sophisticated business machines and servers, requiring equal attention to print process security as your computer network.

At MJ Flood, we provide a range of solutions designed to help you protect your confidential data effectively. These solutions include:

  1. Pull Print (Follow Me) Solutions: Implementing authentication codes to print documents, ensuring that confidential files are not left abandoned at the copier and enhancing document security.
  2. Enforce Print Privilege Solutions: Restricting file access to authorised personnel only, ensuring that confidential files can be accessed by trusted individuals, minimising the risk of unauthorised exposure.
  3. Printer Hard Drive Protection: Erasing data saved on multifunctional device hard drives, preventing the illegal retrieval of documents once the device has been replaced, and maintaining data privacy.
  4. Data Encryption Solutions: Employing advanced security measures to encrypt confidential documents flowing from the network to the printer, mitigating the risk of potential hackers accessing sensitive information. This solution is particularly significant for large organisations handling extensive amounts of data.

Take control of your printing needs and optimise your workflow with MJ Flood’s intelligent printing solutions. Say goodbye to wasted time and inefficient processes, and embrace a new era of productivity and efficiency.

MJ Flood with PrintReleaf campaign You print... We plant...

Reducing Environmental Footprint with PrintReleaf

At MJ Flood, we are dedicated to helping organisations minimise their environmental impact. As an OEM partner of Konica Minolta, we offer products that are at the forefront of environmental sustainability. By choosing our solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of lower energy costs and a significant reduction in your carbon footprint.

We recognise the substantial impact that paper consumption has on forests and carbon emissions. In our commitment to address this environmental concern, we have established a strategic partnership with PrintReleaf, an innovative platform that enables us to assess and mitigate the ecological effects of paper usage through sustainable print services.

We believe that sustainability goes hand in hand with smart business practices. Our partnership with PrintReleaf empowers us to provide environmentally responsible print services, ensuring that every page printed is accounted for and balanced through reforestation initiatives.

Together, let us make a positive difference by actively reducing our impact on forests and carbon emissions.

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