Managed Print Services

MJ Flood’s end-to-end Managed Print Services solution provides overall fleet management of your networked and local print devices to help you control their operating costs and improve their operations.

Reduce printing costs, free up capital and eliminate the burden that comes with supporting and maintaining your printing infrastructure.

Benefits of a Managed Print Service Solution



Gain visibility on True Printing Costs

Managed Print Services enable you to reduce your printing costs by identifying your total cost of ownership and tailoring a printing solution in scale with your business.
• Analyse your printing costs and optimise your budget and print processes
• Reduce or eliminate unnecessary print infrastructure, including servers, so you can achieve better, quantifiable return on investment
• Eliminate the hidden costs associated with managing your printing infrastructure
• Integrate print management software to control and manage printing behaviour


Gain insights into Your Business

MJ Flood’s Managed Print Services has a powerful reporting capability that gives you new insight into the trends and usage patterns in your printing environment.
• Analyse trends and patterns to identify opportunities for better efficiency
• Make informed decisions regarding your print infrastructure
• Identify opportunities to remove devices that are not being used, or where additional devices may be needed to handle the volume of printing
• Easily identify which devices are due for replacement, so that you can account for in your budget ahead of time

Safeguard Your Data

MJ Flood’s security solutions safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of your information through;
 print authentication
• hard drive security features
• whole of life device management services to mitigate risk and meet compliance requirements

Secure Return

We can look after your data security when your device has reached its end of life. If required, our service technician team can remove the HDD from the device and return it to you, so that you can remove traces of files using your own security procedures.

MJ Flood’s Managed Print Services gives you visibility on the true environmental impact of your business. 

Meet your Sustainability Goals

Innovative eco-conscious features of Konica Minolta print devices, combined with optimised business processes help you;
 reduce the energy consumption
 reduce waste
 monitor your environmental performance to help meet your sustainability goals

Get instant access to all of your printing devices with MJ Flood’s Managed Print Services

Solutions We Offer


Understand your total cost of ownership, ensure your printing infrastructure is well balanced and completely integrated with industry leading software.


Reduce risk and get the most out of your printing solution with our professional implementation, communication and device life-cycle management services.


Boost your productivity and device up-time with a proactive approach to managing incidents, asset management, print tracking, consumables and service.


Monitor, control and report on your document output with solutions for tracking and allocation of print costs, elimination of waste and reduction of costs.


Keep your valuable information secure. Our security services help to ensure that your company information receives the highest possible security protection.

Challenges We Solve


Up to 40% of IT help-desk calls can be print related. This takes highly-skilled IT staff away from more mission-critical work, and indicates that managing a printing fleet is complex and time consuming.


Many organisations suffer from rising costs relating to their printing environment due to lack of visibility, indiscriminate printing habits, or not having the right number or type of devices.


Many printing environments are patchworks of printing, imaging and fax devices that aren’t managed or serviced to keep up with today’s business world.


When a company’s paper bins become overloaded, it’s a sign that employees are printing more pages than they need to. This big environmental impact can be easily controlled and managed.