March 14, 2017

MJ Flood and DBC Group Host Digital Print & Finishing Event

MJ Flood and DBC Group are inviting print companies to visit their production print and finishing event on Thursday, April 20th 2017 in the Red Cow Moran Hotel in Dublin from 9am to 7pm.

MJ Flood will present Konica Minoltaโ€™s AccurioPress C2070 and bizhub Press C1100 while DBC Group will display a range of specialist finishing equipment, including Matrix Laminating Systems, Touchline Creaser & Perforators, i-Mark Die Cutting Automatic Feeder and many more…

To register for an event, please click here

Red Cow Moran Hotel is one of the best located hotels in Dublin just off the M50 and N7. The Red Cow Moran hotel is accessible from all parts of the country.



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