MJ Flood have proven time and time again that we can provide an industry-leading service throughout the entire island of Ireland with our branch and support structure, offering the best service response times on the market.

Example Targets for an MJ Flood deployment include:

  • Deployed number of devices reduced by up to 67% (of captured devices)
  • 550+ devices reduced to 181 MFDs
  • All devices in the fleet will be embedded MFD type
  • Print Cartridge usage reduced by 75% on average
  • Project Staff Resource overheads reduced by more than 50% compared to other vendor roll-outs due to retention of MFDs
  • Traceability of print/copy use 100%
  • Reduction in paper usage/waste by up to 40%
  • Energy cost reduction up to 76% over 5 years
  • Carbon footprint reduction up to 76% over 5 years
  • Total Cost of Ownership reduced by up to 50%
  • Zero Capital Expenditure
  • Fully secure document solution
  • Achieve best practice Printer to Person Ratio of 1:30 or better
  • Enhanced SLA with fast turnaround times (99.9% availability)
  • Local Branch Service with centralised reporting
  • Hands-on Account Management


MJ Flood’s real strength comes from its human resources and financial standing. This enables us to provide the service and attention to customers that should be expected in the market.

Current Strategic Partnerships

Konica Minolta – OEM

Our partnership with the Original Equipment Manufacturer ensures continuous supply of resources that include spare parts, consumables, hardware and software troubleshooting, MJ Flood staff training for sales and service.

MJ Flood employs a globally branded OPS Managed Print Solution from Konica Minolta.

YSoft SafeQ – Supplier of Authentication/Reporting/Monitoring software

This partnership provides MJ Flood with a solution for our clients that includes hardware, software and support for our “Follow-Me” print solution and embedded/ integrated terminals for end-user authentication.