A Managed Print Service provides a business with completely centralised management of its print fleet, irrespective of being a single colour printer or 50 multi-functional devices. It enables a company to gauge print usage and presents transparency on:

  • Who printed what?
  • Usage trends – how much colour was printed last month, for example?
  • When did the machine last order toner?
  • Who is allowed to print what?

While speaking to potential customers, some SME’s are concerned that ‘they don’t print that much’, therefore do not think that they need a Managed Print Service. The misconception is that only businesses with a high print output can benefit.

Most companies do not know how to calculate printing costs. Costs go beyond how much your toner or ink supplies cost. Up to 90% of in-house IT departments valuable time can be spent on managing an existing print fleet. MJ Flood’s Managed Print Service eliminates this, as print-related issues are handled by our service department, hence freeing up IT resources to focus on core business priorities.

Often, after analysing the costs associated with a single desktop colour printer, a customer will quickly discover how much they are actually spending – most likely far in excess of initially anticipated, without even realising it.

A printer covered by a managed print service cuts costs by:

  • Automating the toner replenishment process and cutting administrative burden
  • Avoiding capital outlay, with a quarterly operational cost for all hardware, software, supplies and services
  • Avoiding unnecessary printing with authenticated print release
  • Secure printing with ID cards or PIN numbers
  • Cost transparency with reporting of print usage at User level
  • Set rules and Print Policies, ensuring unnecessary colour printing is prevented

A Managed Print Service will allow a company to focus on their core business, ensuring that print fleet costs are transparent and fully accounted for.