Mobile printing

In recent years, modern work has been transformed from a stationary experience to a far more mobile one. Workers can now work while travelling, hold a business meeting outside the office – at a client’s headquarters, for example – or finish tasks from home. This shift allows for hugely improved efficiency and flexibility of workflow. Mobile phones meet the requirements of modern workers perfectly – they are always to hand, are easy-to-use, and support fast, effective communication.

Mobile printing offered by Konica Minolta is designed with the modern worker’s needs in mind. It is a safe, fast solution not requiring any extra infrastructure. All you need is a mobile phone or any other mobile device, and a Konica Minolta multifunctional device. Remote printing can be initiated easily with just a few steps, even if you are not in the office at the time. The system lets you keep your freedom, stay flexible, act instantaneously even when outside the office, and pick up on any flaws in documentation within seconds.

Mobile printing offered by Konica Minolta is designed with the modern worker’s needs in mind

EveryonePrint is a leading mobile print solution that lets users print from their notebooks, mobile devices or any other device to a managed printer, quickly and easily. EveryonePrint lets corporate and guest users bridge the connection to any existing print fleet in one simple solution – without demanding that you replace existing hardware and infrastructure.

Konica Minolta Mobile Print

This free mobile printing app, for all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows 10, connects mobile devices with multifunctional Konica Minolta bizhub output systems. Printing from and scanning to a mobile device are the two main functionalities of this application, which ensures that business users have their important documents to hand all the time.

Adding new functionalities to your company doesn’t mean you’re going to need to invest in expensive devices – because mobile printing requires no costly extra infrastructure. It is both a cost-effective and an efficient solution for your business. Multifunctional Konica Minolta devices allow you to print whatever you want, wherever you are. You can automatically search for a device on the same network and connect to it, or if you are interested in remote printing, just choose a particular printer to which you have mobile access. There’s no need for you to install additional printer drivers to use printing services such as AirPrint, Mopria Print Service or Google Cloud Print.

Mobile printing is fast and convenient – but most importantly, it is secure. It lets you ensure private data are not accessed by unauthorised personnel – by setting up an individual ID and password for each employee allowed to use the MFP. You can stay in control of access rights – limiting them for those who should not be allowed to copy confidential data – as well as enabling guests to use printers on your premises. So start exploring the numerous possibilities mobile print can offer your business today