July 21, 2021

Protect and Secure Your Business

Revisiting Office Printer Security

There is no denying that data privacy and security are some of the most important aspects of a business. With the growing importance of cyber-security, businesses are forced to revisit and reassess every possible risk their organisation is exposed to. One such vulnerable area that enterprises should be concerned about is their office printer.

The Rise in Printer Security Issues

Though tasked to perform the menial work of printing business documents, unbeknownst to most, printers, just like any other technological equipment, are susceptible to malware and cyber attacks. Cyber-security experts at CyberNews accessed close to 28,000 unsecured printers around the globe, hijacked them, and forced them into printing guides on improving print security. Although these are rare cases of ethical hacking for a good cause, they accurately demonstrate how printers are now easy prey to cyber criminals.

bizhub Secure

By managing multifunctional printers (MFPs) and other networked printers in the Cloud, intellectual property and sensitive personal data are left out in the open if not configured and secured properly. This is where the thorough protection of office information through data security functions of an office printer turns into a business solution that must be leveraged.

Protecting Office Information with the all new bizhub i-Series

A multifunctional printer that functions as an office hub, the bizhub C650i | C550i | C450i series by Konica Minolta supports a new-value office by catering to the heightened need for security. This 2nd generation bizhub i-Series significantly reduces the burden placed on IT managers by boosting security levels of office data and paper documents.

Device Level Security

Beyond cyber attacks, information can be stolen directly from printers as well. To ensure controlled accessibility and that hard drives in the office printers are well protected, bizhub i-Series delivers advanced security settings. Through the bizhub SECURE services, data stored in the printers’ SSD and network settings are safeguarded effectively. This is taken up a notch with its password setting capabilities, optimal authentication systems, and PC login profiles, all of which can be customised to suit existing print systems and office scale.

Network Level Security

From in-built robust anti-virus software to its ability to achieve serverless printing in a ubiquitous network, the bizhub C650i series reinforces an organisation’s defence. The Bitdefender scan engine sources out latent viruses from files that are sent to the colour MFP. This mitigates the risk of disseminating infected files throughout the company’s network. Since connecting printers to an isolated network segment makes it challenging for hackers to compromise a printer, the prerequisite for authentication before print outputs guarantees that no information is sent to any third-party extension unit.


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