February 10, 2020

The Role of Printing in the Digital Office

where Smart Printing Unburdens the I.T Department

Printing in the company environment is one of the most misunderstood – and often underestimated – parts of the daily office routines.  For MJ Flood it is key to support our customers in optimising their office printing – and to help pave the way to the digital office with Konica Minolta’s new range of smart MFPs.

Employees are printing a lot more than they think – and probably than they need to

10,000 Pages annually

The average employee prints an estimated 10,000 PAGES annually.

This boils down to 1.3 TREES per employee each year.


From 34 PAGES printed a day on average, 17% go completely UNUSED

65% of documents get thrown away or recycled the same day they are reprinted.


Digital processes can help – Optimise Document Process – so only what is truly needed to be printed, actually gets printed.

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