September 9, 2019

Cloud Managed Print Services


Move your Print Infrastructure to the Cloud with Print Director Hybrid Cloud Solution

Print Director Hybrid Cloud Solution

This is a Hosted Print Solution which enables organizations to remove the burden of having to manage On-Premise Print Servers:
• Reduce Printer Server costs by removing Print Servers
• Reduce your IT departments workload
• Simplify Software Setup and Installation

Print Director Hybrid Cloud Solution drastically reduces the time it takes to roll out your Print Management Solution, by allowing all Database configurations and MSI tasks to be setup prior to rolling out Agents to the Users PC’s. The processing of jobs is done locally on the user’s computer, so there is no additional network traffic to transfer print jobs to a print server.

Example Workflow

Key benefits when using Print Director Hybrid Cloud Solution:

Serverless Printing – Reduce IT infrastructure costs and reduce the burden on the IT departments workload.

“Follow-Me” using PIN code or Card Release – migrate your existing authentication to the cloud or auto generate PIN codes and mail these to users.

Integrate with Microsoft Azure, Google G-Suite, Active Directory or LDAP with Print Director Hybrid Cloud Solution for improved security.

Faster installation and setup of your Print Management Software Project which results in less frustration for users and IT staff.

Printer Drivers and Print queues are installed with the Print Client – saves IT the hassles of having to manage this tedious task. Print Clients can be distributed using MSI tools.

Reports are available by user, department, device in summarized or detailed, to further assist in managing your document costs.

Software Updates can be applied centrally, so no manual updates are required, ensuring that you always have the latest version of the software.

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