Public Sector



MJ Flood knows how important it is for government bodies to demonstrate a high level of fiscal management and efficiency. Our award-winning managed print services and document management services are increasingly being chosen by government to help address its printing and document management needs.

Reliable high speed printing

High performance, multifunctional printing devices are of key importance to government. Government organisations such as Government Departments, Agencies, Local Authorities and other State or Semi-State Bodies need to print, copy, scan & fax large quantities of documents within tight turnaround time-frames.

MJ Flood offers a full range of office & production multifunctional devices and printers which allows any department to tailor their requirements to their needs and achieve workflow and cost efficiencies.

  • Fast, high-quality printing
  • Professional finishing features like stapling, binding and folding


Cost management solutions provide fiscal transparency

A range of cost management solutions that track every print job can have significant cost benefits and help reduce paper wastage.

Monitoring the printing environment will also identify staff inefficiencies by pinpointing users that may be printing excessively or printing in colour instead of black & white. MJ Flood provides sophisticated solutions that can automatically reorder toner, provide electronic meter readings and request service calls, all of which helps government administrators and allows them to focus on the most important tasks.

  • Reduce costs – MJ Flood’s print management solutions can enforce simple rules on each device. For example an agency can set its printers to automatically default to double sided and black and white printing or restrict access to colour printing.
  • Printing that follows you anywhere – Users can access their prints securely from any device in the building.
  • Reporting – MJ Flood’s cost management solutions provide organisations with complete cost transparency. This is done through the provision of comprehensive reports that outline the volume of print usage by individual, department or printing device. The reports are available in different formats and can focus on preferred areas or departments.


Safeguarding confidential information

Security is paramount in most government departments because they have a responsibility to protect highly sensitive records. MJ Flood has a range of highly sophisticated security solutions that will ensure documents don’t fall into the wrong hands.

  • Pull print solutions – require an authentication code to print documents. This helps to ensure confidential documents are not printed and then left abandoned at the printer.
  • Enforce print privilege solutions – restrict file access to ensure confidential files can only be accessed by certain people.
  • Protect the printer hard drive solutions – ensure data saved on an MFD hard drive is erased so documents can’t be retrieved illegally once the device has been replaced.
  • Data encryption solution – helps mitigate the risk of potential hackers accessing confidential documents flowing from the network to the printer.


Digitising files

Government agencies are fast recognising the benefits of digitising their filing systems. MJ Flood’s scanning solutions can quickly turn large volumes of paper into electronic files.

  • Save time – Electronic files can be quickly located, helping government agencies be more responsive to information requests.
  • Reduce paper – Using less paper helps government agencies meet environmental targets.
  • Edit read-only files – Scanning solutions can convert read-only files in a range of formats including TIFF, PDF and JPEG into editable text.
  • Automatically index files – Documents can be assigned codes for easy archiving through super-fast processing.


Meeting environment targets

Government organisations are committed to developing sustainable practices to assist with meeting their environment targets, with the added benefit of cost reductions.

MJ Flood’s solutions ensure environmentally friendly practices are implemented by:

  • Reducing paper usage and wastage
  • Using recycled paper
  • Enforcing printers to automatically print double sided and black and white
  • Automatically switching devices to low energy sleep modes when not in use


Professional service from a trusted Service Provider

MJ Flood has a dedicated and highly experienced government team that will tailor a print management solution to suit all levels of government and public sector agency.

MJ Flood is an indigenous leader in print management solutions and has been selected on the following Irish Government Framework:

The National Procurement Service’s Framework for the Supply of Managed Print Services (SS 0067/10)