One of the most common questions that Small and Medium Enterprise customers ask is how they could improve on their current standard desktop printing processes.

A good example, which incurs zero cost to the customer, is a print driver that can be easily utilised to enable secure printing of confidential documents.

Here is a typical user scenario:

A customer prints a document at their desk and then straps on his running shoes to collect the document from the other end of the corridor, whilst somebody else unwittingly picks up the printout along with their own job at the device.

Two things can occur here.

That document could have been of a sensitive nature, and is now in the wrong hands, and panic sets in to find out who has accidentally taken it. Alternatively, he runs back up the corridor to his desktop to print it out again and hope that he gets his document the second time round, at extra cost for prints and paper, not to mention the time involved.

There are, of course, a number of solutions to this problem. Either the customer can purchase another device to place beside the desk, which is an added expense, not only with the cost of the hardware, but also power, maintenance and consumables costs. It would also be totally impractical – you wouldn’t give everybody their own copier would you?

The most efficient alternative, is the clever use of an ordinary Bizhub print driver, and turn it into a “Secure Print driver”. That way, he can print all of his documents without having to worry about somebody strolling off with them while you are still strapping on the running shoes! The printer secures the print jobs for him until he passes by it, at time convenient to him. Why not collect all of the prints on the way back from a coffee break in the canteen using a unique PIN?! No more Usain Bolt sprints and a calmer, more secure office life. Not to mention, the cost saving associated with prints sent by the user with typos and prevented from being printed out – an unnecessary cost.

Speak to one of the trusted advisors at MJ Flood who will be happy to help you with any more information on this easily demonstrated feature.