Best practice when using your MFP/MFD


Adjusting to the return of the office can be difficult and knowing what best practice with office equipment can be difficult but it is important that guidelines are set out and best practices are implemented. Here are the best practices when using your Multifunction device (MFP/MFD) in the office when you return to work.

Avail of the Remote Access feature on your MFP/MFD

Use the “Remote Access” functionality of your multifunction device. This application allows you to control the multifunction from a tablet or smartphone and access the buttons on the LCD control panel remotely.

After checking with your IT administrator that the feature is enabled on your printing system:

  • Connect your phone or tablet to your company network or the Wifi access point on the MFP/MFD (if installed)
  • Download the bizhub Remote Access app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store

This will create a seamless process for use of the device and office printer, as staff will have access from their own personal device, limiting the physical interactions with the MFP/MFD.

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Personal Stylus

Use a personal stylus to safely use the multifunction panel. This will minimise the number of people in the office touching the multifunction device.

Any stylus suitable for modern capacitive displays should be compatible. Other features can help to limit contact with the multifunction device including:

  • Automatic releasing of print when you authenticate using your ID card
  • Remote scanning from a smartphone

Please contact your local branch for further details, or email [email protected]

Best Cleaning Methods for your MFP/MFD

Clean all affected areas regularly such as:

  • The panel (screen and keys)
  • The document feeder or the document glass
  • Handles of paper trays

Use a soft cloth dampened with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) or ethanol for disinfection.
Be sure to wear vinyl gloves when cleaning or wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning.

Make sure you DO NOT use sprays containing solvents.

Please get in touch if you have any queries about ensuring a safe environment for your staff, customers and citizens as you transition to the new normal.

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