Small to Medium Enterprise


We offer a range of devices and software solutions for small to medium sized businesses through our managed print service to help you cut costs and generate efficiencies when it comes to office printing.

Transform your operation with a multifunction device

We offer a range of colour and black & white multifunctional devices that are perfect for small and medium businesses. These devices can help you bring light production capabilities in-house, with features that allow you to produce brilliant marketing materials quickly and easily, including colour brochures and folded leaflets. Printed flyers and booklets

Keep a lid on printing costs

MJ Flood’s cost management solutions can help your business save up to 30% on your printing costs (Photizo Group Study). How? We can help you do this by:
  • Streamlining your fleet of desktop printers to a centralised multifunctional device
  • Improving your document workflows
  • Employing software to transform manual office tasks like invoicing and filing, into streamlined digital processes.
  • Enforcing simple rules on each device – for example, by automatically defaulting to double sided, black and white printing or restricting access to colour printing
  • Implementing print that follows you anywhere – pull printing, where your people require a PIN or swipe codes to access the printer, can dramatically reduce the amount of unnecessary printing and reduce the amount of unclaimed paper ending up in the recycle bin.
  • Providing automated toner and maintenance calls – automated toner reordering and maintenance calls can help administrators rest easy, knowing their device will take care of itself so they can focus on more important tasks
  • Implementing web-based budget and tracking solutions – to help you boost administrative productivity and accountability by identifying exactly how much your printing costs are and identifying inefficiencies before they get out of control

Gain greater control over your printing

Pull printing uses PIN codes or swipe cards to release printing jobs and is gaining widespread popularity among small to medium businesses. The benefits of pull printing include:
  • Auditing and reporting – tracking every print, scan and fax can help you identify inefficiencies and put in place any necessary printing restrictions.
  • Cost recovery – allows professional services firms like lawyers and accountants an easy way to track printing costs so they can charge them back, either by client or project.
  • Document security – as users are required to print documents at the device, confidential documents are less likely to be left lying around the printer.
  • Convenience and efficiency – being able to print documents from any printer can help save time and promote workflow efficiency.
  • Reduce paper waste – with documents less likely to be abandoned at the printer, businesses will use significantly less paper.
  • Environmentally-friendly – pull printing drives staff behaviour to become more eco-friendly by encouraging them to think before they print, promoting better environmental practices.

Enable fast, mobile printing

MJ Flood is a leader in providing solutions that enable your people to access and print documents anywhere, at any time. Our mobile printing solutions enable you to print documents, photos and web pages from a smart phone or tablet device to a MJ Flood (Konica Minolta) printer. Mobile Printing is supported by; Mopria (Android); Konica Minolta Print Service (Android); Konica Minolta Mobile Print (iOS/Android/Windows 10 Mobile); Google Cloud Print; WiFi Direct This mobile capability also means your business can save valuable time – by not having to transfer files or fire up a computer in order to print. It is ideal for your sales staff who work on the road, or workers who regularly travel to regional offices.

Use scanning solutions to increase productivity and efficiency

MJ Flood’s sophisticated electronic document management services can accelerate your business’ workflow and dramatically improve productivity, saving valuable time and money. Thanks to MJ Flood technology, you can:
  • Create digital filing cabinets – convert paper files into digitised documents to make traditional archiving a thing of the past. Digitised archives can be tracked in seconds, eliminating piles of paper and putting everything at your fingertips.
  • Reduce manual processes – electronic files can be manipulated with automated data capture solutions that reduce the level of manual processes in the workplace. For instance, an accountant can scan receipts which can be indexed and referenced against individual jobs.
  • Optical Character Recognition – OCR data capture technology is revolutionising workflow processes with its ability to extract data and export it to several other destinations. For instance, a transport or distribution company can develop and print delivery notes, labels and invoices while simultaneously updating customer records.
  • Save valuable office space – small to medium businesses need to use every inch of floor space. By introducing an electronic document management solution, a business can eliminate bulky filing cabinets and archived storage space. This space can then be used to bring more value to the business.
Automating office processes can have a dramatic impact on businesses, reducing manual processes and freeing up administrative time to let you focus on more important tasks.

Enjoy Professional Service from a Trusted Service Provider

MJ Flood is a trusted indigenous service provider that is recognised as a leader in the digital imaging industry in Ireland. Every MJ Flood customer has access to a specialist print management consultant. Our team of specialists will assess your individual business needs and advise on cost efficient solutions, including a total cost of ownership analysis, to determine the most cost effective options (e.g. a monthly lease plus click cost may prove more cost efficient that purchasing a device outright depending on your individual printing needs). Our experienced consultants can also discuss your business processes to determine which document management solutions can give your business a boost.