July 30, 2020

Konica Minolta announces the successful use of its new AIRe Link tool

For remote visual service support

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce the successful use of a prototype of its new remote visual support tool, AIRe Link.

As with many other organisations, MJ Flood’s service and support was heavily affected by travel restrictions over the past months due to COVID-19.

The situation accelerated the development and pilot testing of a tool for remote visual service support being developed by the Konica Minolta Business Innovation Centre as part of intelligent connected workplace solutions. AIRe Link enables companies to identify or solve problems on their print devices themselves while being supported by MJ Flood remotely. More than 1,000 on-site Konica Minolta customer visits were saved across Europe during the first four months of the internal pilot usage.

As a cloud solution, AIRe Link enables an MJ Flood technical specialist to see what the customer sees, using the camera from the customer’s smartphone or tablet. Rather than installing an application or creating an account, the customer only needs to click on an invitation link received via SMS and a session opens in the browser of their smartphone or tablet.

The MJ Flood technical specialist can also use a live pointer or drawing in the snapshot of the customer scene to provide visual navigation during issue analysis and when guiding the customer through the correction procedure.

Using AIRe Link results in the faster identification of issues and very often the remote resolution of problems, helping technicians with less travel, faster troubleshooting, cost reduction and saving in CO2 emissions. It also significantly improves customer satisfaction and safeguards the well-being of service employees.

“After reporting an issue on the Konica Minolta Production Print device, I was asked to use AIRe Link to show sample prints to the Konica Minolta technician. He guided me through some troubleshooting procedures and was able to diagnose a part which needed replacement. As the fault diagnosis was already carried out remotely and the technician already knew exactly which spare part was required, my machine could be fixed directly on the first visit. AIRe Link was incredibly quick and easy to use.” Rayprographics Ltd

The current open beta will switch to a production version in 2021.

Who can benefit from using AIRe Link?


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